2018 Awards

Congratulations to the Winners and Finalists

25th Belmont and Western Australian Small Business Awards 2018

October 24th , 2018

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Media Release – Winners of the 25th Belmont & Western Australian Small Business Awards 2018


Sponsor: Westways Visual Communication and Worldwide Printing Solutions
Presenter: Neil Cranny, Director, Westways Visual Communication

Westways Visual Communications is a diverse graphic design, photography, video production, web development studio and major print supplier. The company motto is “From business cards to magazines and everything in between.” Westways has been based in the City of Belmont for over 25 years, so next time you’re thinking of producing any marketing or promotional material to communicate your business, think Westways Visual Communications – “Their focus is making your business standout”

Winner: Padma Wellbeing
Accepted By: Natalia Francis, Padma Wellbeing
Padma Wellbeing is an ethical health food and lifestyle company that has created a range of recipes and products focused on nourishing the mind, body and soul. The company’s mission is “To make a positive contribution to holistic global health and to protect our flora and fauna.” Natalia Francis, the founder of Padma Wellbeing, has used her company to promote plant-based protein as a powerful tool for assisting in resolving poor nutrition, alleviating poverty and in creating a pathway for a more sustainable future for our planet.

Sponsor: Textile Clothing Footwear Resource Centre of WA (TCFWA)
Presented By: Carol Hanlon, Founder & Manager, TCFWA
The Textile, Clothing and Footwear Resource Centre of Western Australia provides a valuable resource for the fashion and TCF industries. Established in Belmont in 1998, the not-for-profit centre has been so successful, that it now receives requests from across Australia and overseas. TCFWA provides specialised fashion business skills, mentoring and supply chain sourcing on and off-shore and has been recognised as a leader and role model organisation. Karl Farrell was an inspirational Chair of TCFWA and this award honours his memory.

Winner: Beyond Body
Accepted by: Amanda Ingraham, Beyond Body
Beyond Body is a women’s health and wellness center that offers a variety of different workout classes, personal training and nutrition plans amongst other things. Beyond Body is focused on improving mind, body and wellness of individuals through its range of different health services. Like many small business owners, Amanda has battled a lot of highs and lows in business and also in her personal life. However, her ability to adapt to change has seen her business grow consistently over the last 4 years.

Sponsor: Employment Services Group (ESG Matchworks)
Presented By: Kate Carson-Holmes (ESG Perth South Regional Manager)
ESG Matchworks is one of the largest providers of Jobactive services now in Australia.  Also expanding their Disability Employment Services into Western Australia from July 2018.  Our main aim is to make long-term positive changes in our local communities by opening opportunities for Employment which will not only assist that one person but their family and their wider circle and community.

Winner: Technology Assisting Disability WA Inc (TADWA)
Accepted by: Steve Pretzel, Technology Assisting Disability WA Inc (TADWA)
Technology Assisting Disability WA focuses on creating custom solutions that assist in the independence of individuals with disabilities, older people and carers. The team of occupational therapists and technicians specialise in providing a range of services including recreation and mobility, home modifications, custom solutions, therapy services, and technology and computer services. Technology Assisting Disability WA’s motto is “Helping you do what’s important to you”. The company has been operating for over 30 years and currently has businesses located in both Bassendean and Bunbury within Western Australia.

Sponsor: Compendium
Presented By: Louise Percy, Patron Belmont BEC representing Michael Ratner, CEO, Compendium
Compendium is a Western Australia based company that supplies bricks and mortar resellers, consultants and other business accounts worldwide with very popular products that uplift both the giver and the receiver. The magic is what happens between people when they give and receive our products as gifts or as promotional items.

Winner: Tree of Memories
Accepted by: Bryce Roberts, Tree of Memories
Tree of Memories is the sole distributor of Bios Urn in WA, the Northern Territory and soon South- East Asia. The Bios Urn is a 100% biodegradable urn in which you can place a passed loved one’s or beloved pet’s ashes and use this to grow a tree. The Bios Urn becomes a living memorial and allows people to return their loved one’s energies into something more natural and to help complete the circle of life. Part of the healing process for grieving friends and family is to select a tree seedling they think will best honour the memory of their loved one.

Sponsor: Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc. (BEC)
Presented By: Hannah Beazley, Board Member, Belmont BEC
Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc. is a not for profits association established in 1994 and provides low-cost advisory services to new and existing small businesses. Advice is provided through helplines, online & face to face advisory & mentoring, networking and specialist referrals. Belmont BEC has an extensive range of online business training topics and assists clients to attend trade and sourcing missions throughout Asia. Belmont BEC is also a specialist in creative, fashion & TCF related small businesses support and just recently Belmont BEC was announced the 2018 Best Metropolitan BEC in Australia.

Winner: Creative Kids Art Club
Accepted by: Jane McKay, Founder, Creative Kids Art Club

Creative Kids Art Club founded by Jane McKay in 2011. The business offers 8-week terms and holiday workshop programs consisting of over 150 after-school activities that cater to children who have a passion for creative arts and crafts. The vision of the business is “To inspire and develop creativity through art education.” What started with just four children attending classes in one location has quickly expanded to include more than 165 children participating in workshops in 12 different locations throughout Perth.

Sponsor: Emerge Internet
Presented by: Droyt Robb, Director, Emerge Internet
Emerge Internet uses highly innovative technology to deliver the best quality internet service offering value for money and a second to none customer service experience based here in WA.  Our fixed wireless options ensure fast, reliable and dependable internet maximising productivity.  Let us take care of your communication needs so you can take care of business.  Emerge Internet is not just a Telco, it’s your communications partner!

Winner: Oscar Point of Sale Solutions
Accepted by: Kirt Kirtisingham, Founder, Oscar Point of Sale Solutions
Oscar Point of Sale Solutions is a point of sale software company that was founded in 1998. Originally, the company began as Petropos Services, a company providing servicing and installation of cash register software for the fuel industry. Over the past 20 years the company has adapted its product offerings to serve a more diverse range of clients. The business takes pride in being able to offer clients the right solution.

Sponsor: Perth Airport
Presented By: Debra Blaskett, Chief Corporate Services Officer, Perth Airport
As Australia’s Western Hub, Perth Airport’s own Gold Coat Volunteer Program is vital to ensuring that the 14 million passengers and visitors passing through its terminals are provided with first-class information and assistance. Perth Airport recognises the invaluable contribution that volunteers like the Gold Coat Ambassadors make to the community and is extremely proud to sponsor the Volunteer of the Year Award.

Winner: EdConnect Australia
Accepted by: Julie Mullett, South Metro Liaison Officer, EdConnect Australia
EdConnect Australia is an Australian Charity that has a nationwide army of volunteers that provide one-on-one mentoring and classroom learning support for young students struggling with fulfilling their full educational potential. The vision of the organisation is “Every community helping young people to succeed.” EdConnect currently service 211 schools nationwide with over 1,000 volunteers, working with over 8,500 students.

EdConnect Australia has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. EdConnect Australia was awarded the 2016 & 2017 Volunteer of the Year Awards and now with their 2018 Award is inducted into the Hall of Fame Belmont & Western Australian Small Business Awards.

Sponsor: Perth Airport
Presented By: Debra Blaskett, Chief Corporate Services Officer, Perth Airport
Perth Airport is proud to continue its support of the Indigenous Business of the Year Award.  As custodians of the land on which the airport is located, Perth Airport recognises the importance of the area to the Noongar people and values its ongoing partnership with the local Indigenous community.

Winner: Murlpirrmarra Connection Limited
Accepted by: Darren Patten, Murlpirrmarra Connection Limited
Murlpirrmarra Connection is a not-for-profit organisation based in Welshpool and established in 2010. The organisation aims to provide educational opportunities to Indigenous youth in the remote communities of Wiluna, Leonora and surrounding regions in Western Australia. The vision of Murlpirrmarra Connection is “To increase the number of Aboriginal people participating constructively in their home and the wider community by obtaining and sustaining education and employment.”

Murlpirrmarra Connection Limited has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Murlpirrmarra Connection Limited was awarded 2013 & 2017 Indigenous Business of the Year Awards and now with their 2018 Award, has been inducted into the Hall of Fame Belmont & Western Australian Small Business Awards. 

Sponsor: Mustera Property Group Limited
Presented by: George Zborowski, representing Mustera Property Group Limited
Mustera Property Group Ltd is an Australian-focused Real Estate Investment and Development company listed on the ASX. The Company provides a real estate development platform for residential, commercial and mixed-use projects. Mustera offers integrated real estate investment solutions with the ability to pursue a diverse range of Australian real estate opportunities across all investment types, capital structures and asset classes.

Winner: The Green Life Soil Co
Accepted by: Linda Mitchener, The Green Life Soil Co
The business that evolved into The Green Life Soil Co. has always been permaculture based. The current owners of The Green Life Soil Co., Paul and Linda Mitchener, bought the business in 2001. In 2008, they obtained Organic Certification on a number of their unique soil mixes, and remain the sole manufacturer of Certified Organic soil in Perth. Their Harvest Club initiative – launched at the Greener Garden Festival — is a unique program that shares information amongst Perth gardeners.

Sponsor: Belmont Forum
Presented by: Julie Elliott, Marketing Manager, Belmont Forum
Belmont Forum is pleased to be sponsoring the Best Retail Business Award in the City of Belmont for the 25th consecutive year. Belmont Forum has completed a fabulous refurbishment and Centre Manager, Alexandra and her team invite you to visit and experience the new Belmont Forum soon.

Winner: Shingle Inn Belmont Forum
Accepted by: Victor Terpkos, Shingle Inn Belmont Forum
The Shingle Inn originated in Brisbane during the Great Depression. The business has since expanded to operate over 50 stores throughout Australia. The place is most known for its high-quality coffee and decadent lemon meringue pie. The Shingle Inn Belmont Forum has especially been praised for its coffee making with one of its baristas, Ellen Taylor, winning the award for Shingle Inn Barista of the Year in 2017. The café is also recognised for its great ambience – noticed by customers as a place of tranquillity, where people can come and enjoy their meal and coffee in one of the Shingle Inn’s cosy booths.

Sponsor: TCF Australia
Presented By: Irving Lane, Chair, TCFWA & TCF Australia
The Textile, Clothing and Footwear Resource Centre of Western Australia provides a valuable resource for the fashion and TCF industries. TCF WA was a national Finalist in the Hong Kong National Business Awards, awarded City of Belmont Environment Award for its TCF Australia Energy Efficiency Training National Project and co-ordinates designers from across Australia to attend trade fairs to source and exhibit to Hong Kong, China, India, Korea and Taiwan.

Winner: Desam Fashion Design
Accepted by : Kerstin Otway, Director, Desam Fashion Design
Desam has manufactured high quality fashion and commercial clothing at its factory in Osborne Park since 1986. Desam main clients include fashion designers, retailers and the corporate, hospitality, school, sport, health and work uniform market in Perth. The company attributes its success to high level of customer service and dedication towards going the extra mile for their customers.

Sponsor: BPW WA & BPW Business Incubator
Presented by: Kate Waters, State President, BPW Western Australia

BPW Western Australia is part of a global network of Business and Professional Women, which make real differences in women’s lives by creating awareness, leading discussion and driving change. Their focus is on issues that affect women and work including equal access to education and training and they recognise business excellence. Members give their time and passion to support various campaigns and run projects that benefit women and their communities. BPW Business Incubator ONLINE Training and Mentoring Projects which are delivered by Belmont BEC, which is a specialist small business provider to women owners and managers in small businesses across WA, Australia and beyond.

Winner: BubDesk
Accepted by: Meg Burrage
BubDesk was founded by Meg Burrage in 2016. It operates as an intermediary for parents and employers who require a return-to-work solution and for childcare providers who are willing to help. BubDesk works with childcare providers and employers throughout Australia to create professional parent workspaces within centres to help parents transition back into work, with each centre different from the next.

Sponsors: The Australian Asian Association WA & Hong Kong Australia Business Association WA
Jointly Presented by: Winnie Lai Hadad, Vice President, Hong Kong Australia Business Association WA & Mel Fialho, Vice President, Australia Asia Association and

The Australian Asian Association has been operating for over 60 years and has under its umbrella, members from various CaLD communities. We are committed to supporting and providing culturally appropriate services to the various communities. The Australian Asian Association is also one of the largest ethnic service providers for Aged Care the (HACC) Home and Community Care Services and the (HCP) – Home Care Packages.

The Hong Kong-Australia Business Association Limited (HKABA), was established in 1987 aiming to promote a positive image for Hong Kong and to reinforce economic ties between Hong Kong SAR/China and Australia. The Association provides networking opportunities on which strong trading and investment links are built on between Hong Kong companies and Australian companies. The HKABA is a member of the “Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide”

Winner: Bolly Active Fitness
Accepted by: Maitri Patel, Founder, Bolly Active Fitness
Bolly Active Fitness founded by Maitri Patel in 2015 is based in Cloverdale. The motto of the company is to “Have fun getting fit, Bollywood-style.” The Bollywood Dance Studio embodies this by uniquely combining a range of dance fitness and meditation services with the concept of Bollywood to improve the fitness and wellbeing of clients. Maitri has many years’ experience as a choreographer, instructor and performing artist and is now establishing her Bolly Active Fitness classes in many countries including India and Nepal.

Sponsors: City of Belmont
Presented By: Mayor Cr Phil Marks, City of Belmont
The City of Belmont is a vibrant, modern City located just six kilometres from Perth CBD. In 2018 significant infrastructure projects such as Development Area 6 in Redcliffe, the Forrestfield-Airport Link project along with the associated new Redcliffe Station, continue to gain momentum and excitement for business and residents. These projects, and many others, firmly establish Belmont as the heart of the most significant logistics hub for the State and beyond. With a focus on establishing and maintaining a progressive business community, the Council is proud to sponsor the award for the Best New Business. By recognising quality and excellence in the community, the City of Belmont – the City of Opportunity continues to be a great place to live, work and invest.

Winner: Guzman Y Gomez Belmont Forum
Accepted by: Mihir Pande, Director, Guzman Y Gomez Belmont Forum
Guzman Y Gomez Belmont Forum is an Australian licensed, casual-dining restaurant chain specialising in authentic Mexican dishes. Guzman Y Gomez has been recognized as the fastest- growing fast-food brand in Australia with the highest customer satisfaction levels of all brands in the same sector. The business has been operating for the last 18 months in Belmont Forum and is going from strength to strength.

Sponsors: Hanssen Project Management
Presented by: Gerry Hanssen, Director, Hanssen Project Management
Hanssen is one of Perth’s leading construction companies building quality and affordable high-rise mixed commercial and residential apartments. The company is passionate about making a difference with training and providing opportunities for people of all skill levels to develop and gain experience in the construction industry.

Winner: Bodyscents Natural Skincare
Accepted by: Linda Chatwin, Founder, Bodyscents Natural Skincare
Bodyscents Natural Skincare is a beauty salon and supply store that founded by Linda Chatwin in 1998. Linda’s passion for health turned into her own line of holistic skin care and healing products based on providing an effective alternative to big name brands. All the products used by the business are created from locally sourced, natural ingredients. Linda’s vision is to use her business “to inspire healthy living through more conscious choice”.

Sponsors: Business News
Presented by: Ms Alicia Nolan, Corporate Media Account Manager, Business News
Business News is WA’s premier source of business news and information. The online daily news is read by almost 50,000 subscribers; including the top decision makers throughout the state. Business News also publishes a fortnightly magazine focusing on the major issues affecting business in WA. In addition to the daily email and fortnightly publication, Business News offers insights into the performance of companies and business leaders in the public and private sectors via the BNiQ Search Engine feature online. If you would like to know more, pleasevisit businessnews.com.au and sign up for a complimentary trial.

Winner: Empower ICT
Accepted by: Brenton Baker, Founder, Empower ICT
Empower ICT was established in 2010 and provides advanced and proactive IT services and support, Cloud computing, and hosted telephony. The business has established a strong reputation for providing quality services that increase corporate productivity and meet the objectives of clients. Founder Brenton Baker has worked hard to grow his business from ground up to now hiring eight full time staff. Brenton prides himself on ‘never losing a customer’.

Sponsor: Ascot Rotary
Presented by: President Aidan Wood, Ascot Rotary

Ascot Rotary is among more than 1.2 million Rotarians working to improve their communities locally and in areas of need around the world. As part of this global network, Club members are given the opportunity to make new friends with like-minded people, be apart of a business and professional network, apply existing skills and develop new ones, become effective community leaders, engage with the local community and help those in need. Ascot Rotary would love you to come and join them, ordinary people achieving extraordinary things.

Winner: Midland Police & Community Youth Centre
Accepted by: Jackie Abbott, Midland Police & Community Youth Centre
Midland Police & Community Youth Centre was established in 1941. The community centre offers a variety of services and activities that found to be beneficial to the local youth community. The centre aims to provide opportunities for young people through inclusive and sustainable programs and activities to develop a safer community. The organisation currently operates 7 centres in the Perth Metropolitan area and 12 centres in regional Western Australia. The work of this organisation is considered an important process in the early intervention and prevention of crime.

Sponsor: Southern Gazette
Presented by: Andrew Clark, Advertising Executive, Southern Gazette

Community News is a highly trusted voice and source of information for the people of Perth. Established in 1985, Community News has been serving the local community for over 30 years and aim has always been to campaign, inform and connect. Our weekly newspapers, bespoke print, Publications, website e-newsletters and social media channels allow us to reach a combined print and digital audience of 858,000 people each month. Local area marketing experts can help you create a campaign encompassing all aspects of print and digital advertising.

Winner: Top Hat Enterprises
Accepted by: Adam Penn, Top Hat Enterprises
Top Hat Enterprises is a Belmont based events management services company that was founded in 1999 by Adam Penn. Adam has an impressive 30 plus years’ experience of teaching dance and has achieved up to his Fellowship degree qualifications with all four major dance bodies in Western Australia. He is also a skilled compere, DJ and novelist. Growing up in Belmont, Adam has always been passionate about getting involved in the local community and has enjoyed performing with and for many associations such as Cerebral Palsy WA, Multiple Sclerosis WA and the Down Syndrome Association.

Sponsor: BEC Global
Presented by:  Jules Lewin, Chair Belmont BEC
BEC Global assists small businesses to quickly tap into trade opportunities, stay ahead of competitors and cope with the multiple demands of exporting and importing, various time zones, currencies and cultures. BEC Global helps provide global linkages and supply chain connections between countries such as Hong Kong, China, India, Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan to name just a few. BEC Global also supports United Nations CSW NGO Forums, International Trade Centre, SheTrades Global program and APEC Project initiatives.

Winner: Romteck Australia
Accepted by: Peter Zahos, Romteck Australia
Romteck Australia is an original equipment manufacturer based in Osborne Park and established in 1986. The company is recognised as a top Australian developer of mission critical internet of things solutions. In addition to this service, the business also offers solutions for safety technology and fuel management systems. Romteck’s Fire Alarm Monitoring system has generated interest by countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Sponsor: WA State Government
Presented by:  Hon Samantha Rowe MLC, Member for East Metropolitan Region
The WA State Government, through the Tourism WA agency, works to develop and promote WA’s iconic tourism experiences, to attract and to help the tourism industry thrive. Tourism WA has many industry resources accessible through their website to help businesses in the tourism sector as well as research and reports giving an insight into particular fields of tourism as well as future plans and strategies.

Winner: Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days
Accepted by: Nadine McMorran, Chairperson, Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days
Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days was created by Dowerin Events Management. It is a widely known agricultural machinery and rural tourism event in Western Australia. The event provides local businesses with an opportunity to display a wide range of agricultural products and services. Over the past 50 years, the brand has established itself as a highly recognised brand across Australia and overseas. The Dowerin Field Days is considered one of the top three largest agricultural machinery events in Australia. All money raised from Field Days and other events in the area goes directly towards the local region.

Sponsor: Watering Concepts
Presented By: Bev Poor, Managing Director, Watering Concepts
Watering Concepts is a Western Australian owned company with a 37-year record of service within the community. Watering Concepts designs, supplies and services systems for water-based operations, including process water for mining, chemical applications, industrial waste applications and for use within the water utilities system. They can assist with designing new projects or building and supplying customised control valves for existing systems; provide on-site or workshop repairs/refits for existing equipment dealing with control of flow, pressure, quality and distribution of solutions; provide access to spare parts and repairs to most brands of filters, control valves and flow meters, to maintain their reputation as Problem Solvers for Water Distribution Operations. They can also provide on-site training sessions for minesite field operators to help reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Winner: Happiness Co
Accepted by: Julian Pace, Founder, Happiness Co
The Happiness Co is a social enterprise founded in 2017 by Julian Pace, whose motivation for change came from his father’s battle with mental health. Julian is an inspirational and motivational speaker on self-leadership, personal development, human behaviour and emotional mastery. The mission of the company is to create happiness by design, to impact and inspire the world. The company offers a range of support services including but not limited to the 21-Day Happiness Challenge and 10-Week Break-Through Challenge.

Sponsor: Telstra Business Centre Belmont
Presented By: Cliff Pegrum, Business Technical Advisor, Telstra Business Centre Belmont
The Telstra Business Centre Belmont is here to help local business with the complete range of Telstra telecommunications and ICT solutions. Located at 138 Abernethy Road Belmont we have working technology on display and an experience team available to offer professional advice, or we can meet with you face to face at your business. We are looking forward to helping you improve your business efficiencies, improve your customer interactions and increase your bottom line. That is why we are all in business!

Winner: The Caravan Doctor
Accepted by: Linda Bird. Managing Director, The Caravan Doctor
The Caravan Doctor is a family operated caravan business founded in 2007. Based in Busselton in the South West of Western Australia. The business provides campers with assistance on sales, spare parts, accessories, servicing, warranty and insurance, and repairs. The business owned by Linda and Simon Bird has received numerous customer testimonials and accolades over the past year.

Sponsor: Racebreed Australia
Presented By: Marjorie Charleson, Racebreed Australia
Marjorie Charleson’s professional involvement with the Thoroughbred Horse-racing industry in WA began in 1967 and has included 16 years as Public Relations Officer for the WA Turf Club and Editor and Publisher of Racebreed Australia magazine for 12 years. Racebreed won several Belmont Small Business Awards and inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2011; Awarded Member of the Order of Australia for Services to Racing and the Community. Racebreed Australia received a Lifetime Achievement Award from RWWA and the Racing Industry; honoured with a feature race-name at Ascot for the past three years and has been a sponsor of the WA Racing Industry Award since 2009.

Winner: Danny Miller
Accepted by: Danny Miller
Danny Miller “Dashing Dan” is one of Perth’s most beloved veteran jockeys. The father-of-four has had a remarkable career, winning his first race at Ascot back when he was just 15 of age in 1962. Over the course of his career, Miller has achieved 201 wins with his most notable victory being the Group 1 Railway Stakes on champion galloper Northerly in 2000. In addition, he has ridden in the Melbourne Cup in 1967 and competed in races interstate and in England.

Sponsor: Fuji Xerox
Presented By: Brett Patten, Regional Manager WA/SA, Fuji Xerox Australia
Fuji Xerox Australia proudly supports small businesses with their broad portfolio of document technology, services, software and supplies. Fuji Xerox will help your team move towards a digital future with document management tools to help propel your business forward. Fuji Xerox Australia are well recognised for their commitment to sustainability and this is supported by several awards from the United Nations and the Banksia Environmental Foundation.

Winner: Mustard Seed Podiatry
Accepted by: Samuel Ong, Director, Mustard Seed Podiatry
Mustard Seed Podiatry founded in 2016 by owners Sam and Lydia. The company’s mission is to empower individuals through quality foot care. The company offers a range of services for nail, skin and foot care. The motto of the business is “To put your best foot forward”– whereby the expert team assists clients to achieve optimal foot health, so they can do what they love.

Sponsor: Belmont Rotary
Presented By: President Paul Andriessen, Belmont Rotary
The Rotary Club of Belmont has been active in the community since 1964. They work to support local, national and international communities. Rotary members gain an understanding of humanitarian issues through international service projects, such as Sustainable Cambodia, and exchange programs. Club members enjoy the camaraderie with like-minded professionals, and club projects offer additional opportunities to develop enduring friendships. Rotary also offers opportunities on leadership development. Team building, public speaking, planning, organisation and communication are just a sampling of the leadership skills that club members can exercise and enhance. Being a Rotary leader provides further experience in learning how to motivate, inspire and guide others. To become a member, get in touch with Belmont Rotary today.

Winner: Access 1 Security Systems
Accepted by: Andrew Herrmann
Access 1 Security Systems has been recognised as one of Western Australia’s top providers of security systems since its establishment in 2004. The company has received many awards for business excellence over time. Andrew lists perseverance and innovation as some of the skills he has had to master to thrive in business. In recent times, the business has opened a branch in Myanmar and has increased its reach nationally in Australia.

Access 1 Security Systems has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Access 1 Security Systems was awarded Business Person of the Year in 2014, Spirit of Australia Award in 2015, and now with their 2018 Award has been inducted into the Hall of Fame Belmont & Western Australian Small Business Awards.

Sponsor: Res-Q IT Services
Presented By: Nikolay Shmakov, Managing Director, Res-Q IT Services
Res-Q IT has been helping Businesses to make the right strategic technology decisions so that your IT aligns with your business goals. Res-Q Loves People while embracing technologies. In the dynamic modern world where “new” becomes “old” the next day after being released, when there are thousands of software and hardware solutions glaring at you from your phone or computer screen, and a simple search for “best phone system” gives you hundreds of pages of research that you know you will struggle to do, Res-Q, like a Good Sheppard and experienced sailor, will navigate you to reach safe haven. Res-Q IT – Solution Driven, people oriented Computer Professionals.

Winner: Chinese Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy
Accepted by: Sydel Michelsen, Chinese Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy
Chinese Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy founded by George Michielsen in 1995. The company offers Choy Lay Fut Buk Sing, Chen Tai Chi, Lohan Qigong and Lion Dance. Since their openings, both academies have seen tremendous growth as Balcatta has evolved over time into a bustling residential and commercial area. The academy has participated in many exciting local events and visited by many famous Kung Fu and Tai Chi Masters from across the globe.

The Belmont Small Business Awards in previous years:

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