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25th Belmont and Western Australia Small Business Awards 2018
Do you know a small business in WA that deserves recognition?

Now open for nominations and accepting entries.
Nominate your own business, or nominate your clients, or a supplier.
26 Categories (23 awards are state-wide categories).
Like support with your submission? Register for free Award Information Kit or Online Webinar.
Award Business mentors can assist with your queries.
Contact us for Award Entry Forms and Information Kits - or view www.belmontbec.com/awards

Belmont Business Sundowner– Monday, 25th June 5-7pm
Meet the WA Treasurer Hon Ben Wyatt, MLA, Minister for Finance; Energy; Aboriginal Affairs will provide an update on the WA Budget re small business including the economic outlook, directions and WA small business opportunities.

MC Hannah Beazley - You will be invited to introduce yourself and your business to all attendees. Promote your business and make new contacts. Door Prizes. Nibbles, Drinks at bar prices. Free Entry.Bookings Essential www.belmontbec.com/events
Venue: Belmont Sports & Recreation Club, 400 Abernethy Rd. Cloverdale.

National Bank Microenterprise Loan Program
Belmont BEC can assist eligible new and existing businesses to access up to a $10,000 loan for your small business. Like more information? - Contact Belmont BEC  Accredited Partner of the NAB Microenterprise Loan Program.

FREE Workshop 'Tax for Small Business Workshop', June 15, 1pm-4pm
Provides an overview of the taxation and superannuation obligations associated with starting and operating a small business. Includes: different business structures, registering for GST, income tax and claiming deductions, record keeping, how to prepare and lodge BAS statements; employer obligations Eg. PAYG.  Limited Seats. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL Book Now www.belmontbec.com/events/

Urgent attention needed ...
...as ASIC finds firms unprepared for new standards

The corporate regulator has warned that it will be focusing on the new accounting standards for 30 June, 2018 reporting, noting that “surprisingly few companies” have adequately prepared for the impact of the new standards. For details - click here.

IT Tips from Nick Shmakov, Res-Q  
TIP 1) Identity thefts and cyber crime is on the rise. Make sure you: Update your passwords and have separate passwords for your online banking and email accounts; Educate your staff on what to be aware of. Most of the hacking happens via email links and attachments; Have a backup of all your data, including backup of your dropbox and other cloud based storages
TIP 2) Identify 3 things that takes most of your time and search for ways to reduce time it takes to complete the task.
TIP 3) Slow computer / system / wireless can cost you more than $13500 a year.
Make your internet speeds as fast as you can get; Upgrade your old drive with an SSD drive - $299 will save you time in the long run; Tools that can help you save time and money: Online CRM system, digital white board to collaborate with clients and staff, online booking system, email that syncs across all your devices.
Contact Res-Q IT to have all your PC’s backed up professionally every day off site.

Join us at Women Economic Forum, Perth, July 2019
Calling for sponsors, supporters, volunteers, speakers, delegates
Like to join the team at Belmont BEC & TCFWA in staging the Women Economic Forum in Perth 2019
. Forums themes will include Sustainable Development Goals, Gender Equality; Economic Development; Wellbeing; Social Enterprises & Artisan Showcases, Small Business connections and linkages with hundreds of global women entrepreneurs.
Register your interest with Women Economic Forum Convenor Carol Hanlon

SheTrades Global. Liverpoo

UK, June 26-28
SheTrades Global is the anchor event on women in the economy to be held during the International Business Festival (IBF), and SheTradesGlobal will host 1200 companies to learn and do business.
TCF Global is a partner trade organisation of International Trade Centre and will be represented by Carol Hanlon at SheTrades Global Liverpool UK.
If you are interested to be linked with new artisan suppliers from developing countries email your interest to Carol Hanlon, TCF Global .

EMERGE INTERNET release national Home Business &  Residential NBN & ADSL plans - FANTASTIC competitive NBN & ADSL plans available,  No Contracts

A reporting change for employers
Single Touch Payroll

It starts from 1 July, 2018 for employers with 20 or more employees.
You will report payments such as salaries and wages, pay as you go (PAYG) withholding and superannuation information from your payroll solution each time you pay your employees. Single Touch Payroll will be expanded to include employers with 19 or less employees from 1 July 2019. For details - click here.

"Rarely are opportunities presented to you in a perfect way.
In a nice little box with a yellow bow on top. 'Here, open it, it's perfect. You'll love it.'
Opportunities - the good ones -- are messy, confusing and hard to recognize.
They're risky. They challenge you."
Susan Wojcicki - CEO of YouTube

ORDER NOW -  2018-2019 Entertainment Book or Digital Entertainment Book
Support Belmont BEC & TCFWA and order your Digital 2018-2019 Entertainment Book or Digital Book at $70 and access up to $20,000 in discount savings on fine dining, cafes and entertainment.  Makes a great office gift to benefit you or your staff.  Order Now

Belmont BEC & BEC Global Business Advisors, Mentors, Business Coaches
Discuss your business issues and concerns with your confidential advisor and develop your action plan for success.
Book by the Hour: Online - Face to Face - Phone

Welcome to our new Friends of Belmont BEC – Ascot Rotary Club, President Elect Aidan Wood & Members. Get involved with our not-for-profit organisation &  BEC Connect - receive promotional opportunities, discounted training vouchers, low cost mentoring and business diagnostics for your business; Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels available. Subscription is tax deductible. www.belmontbec.com/membership

Tips for writing a successful tender response
If the tender specification documents haven't asked for a particular format or structure, keep your tender response document clear, logical and well organised. Include a clear and persuasive introduction that states the purpose, rationale and central proposition of your bid. If you don't know how to begin developing your tender response, use the tender development checklist as a guide - click here.
Join our BEC Online Webinar: 'How to write a tender or grant submission' (includes workbook) available 24/7 - you can view at home on PC, tablet, or smart-phone.
Bookings www.belmontbec.com/webinars

An important leadership skill most do not use
Active listening is a vastly under-appreciated skill. Research suggests that we hear speech at a rate of 500-1000 words per minute, and only speak 125-175 words per minute. Speaking to others may be considered easy by most; yet, many struggle with how to effectively listen. Studies indicate people spend between 70-80% of their day engaged in some form of communication, and over half that time is devoted to listening. For more details - click here.

Valid income and deductions for business
Most income you receive in carrying on your business is assessable income, which means you need to declare it and it's subject to tax. You can claim tax deductions for most costs you incur in running your business. Concessions, offsets and rebates can reduce your tax payable. You must keep accurate and complete records of all your assessable income and the deductions you claim. To learn more from the ATO - click here.

Crowdfunding is the practice of using internet platforms, mail-order subscriptions, benefit events and other methods to find supporters and raise funds for a project or venture. As the industry expands and new developments arise, there is a need to review and update the information. If you're involved in crowdfunding - regardless of your role - you need to be aware of the tax consequences. These vary depending on the nature of the arrangement, your role in it and your circumstances. To learn more about the implications - click here.

Five growth hacks for small businesses and start-ups
Growth hacks are proving increasingly popular with Australian small businesses. These initiatives are often short-term strategies to increase customers or sales. A growth hack can work for any type of business.
Tactics will vary depending on your target market and product. A growth hack that might work brilliantly for say an Amazon or FaceBook won't work for an early-stage software business, and it almost certainly won't work for a cafe or retail store. To learn about the tips - click here.

Is the dominance of Google, FaceBook and Amazon bad for competition?
How to tame the tech giants
Not long ago, being the boss of a big Western tech firm was a dream job. As the billions rolled in, so did the plaudits: Google, FaceBook, Amazon and others were making the world a better place. Today these companies are accused of being BAADD: big, anti-competitive, addictive and destructive to democracy. Regulators fine them, politicians grill them and one-time backers warn of their power to cause harm. To read more - click here.

Picking the perfect web hosting platform
When it comes to starting your own online business, blog, or personal website, there are a ton of options. Just deciding what you want your website to be and look like is a monumental task in itself. Once you have that figured out you will have to then begin the search for a web-hosting platform that can provide you with reliable service. The options may appear to be limitless at first, but if you know what you are looking for and what you need, you can narrow your choices down to a web hosting platform that is right for you. To read the tips - click here.
Join our BEC Online Webinar: ‘How to brief your website developer’ (includes workbook) available 24/7 - you can view at home on PC, tablet, or smart-phone.
Bookings www.belmontbec.com/webinars

Australians express support for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Findings from a recent YouGov Omnibus study revealed that 87 per cent of Australians strongly supported corporate social responsibility (CSR), while two-thirds said they had a more positive view of businesses that donated to charity. The environment was also noted as a significant concern for consumers, with 58 percent of Australians believing businesses had a responsibility to prevent environmental damage in their supply chain. To read about the reactions - click here.

Investment scams
Investment scams are often so professional, slick and believable that it is hard to tell them apart from genuine investment opportunities. They can come to you via a phone call, email or social media. They may even be an offer from someone you trust.
There are three main types of investment scams. In all cases the money you 'invest' goes straight into the scammer's bank account and not towards any real investment. To read some good advice -click here.

Check your FaceBook privacy policy
When you sign up to social media platforms you agree to the privacy policies of each individual site. Privacy policies govern how your personal information can be used - some social media organisations may share your information, such as email addresses or user preferences, with third party businesses. For more info- click here.


The business advice industry in Australia and in many other countries is self-regulated, and virtually anyone can call themselves a business or enterprise facilitator, advisor, coach, mentor or consultant. AIBEF provides accreditations for your skills and expertise.

  • Do you provide Business Advice, Consulting, Mentoring or Facilitation Services?
  • Want to give clients the confirmation of your professionalism and experience?
  • The AIBEF is awarding 20+ Scholarships – Contact AIBEF

Further Information visit www.aibef.org.au


Grants and assistance
Need a grant or assistance in your business? Generally, the government doesn’t offer funding just to start a business. Instead, try searching for activities such as research and development, trade, indigenous business, innovation or employment. To check out what is available - contact us

Reduce your business energy costs by 20% - 40%
FREE Access to all nine topics Energy Efficiency Webinars
www.tcfaustralia.com/webinars . Like Energy articles to use in your Newsletters? Contact us
Business Skills 'On Demand'  Sessions

Live and Recorded Webinars for Online - Anytime - Fast Track your Training
Join our webinars online through your PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone - Contact usTo book for upcoming events visit www.belmontbec.com/webinars or
contact us on 61 8 9479 3777.
June Members Webinar Special – ‘Buy one get one Free’


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