Five tips to a successful Awards Submission

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Five tips to a successful 2016 Belmont & Western Australian Small Business Awards submission

1. Give it a go
While you may not think your business is so unique, it may actually stand out to the
judging panel. So be positive and apply to as many categories as possible.

2. Don’t fear the blank page
Have you looked at your website and brochures? They already contain the answers to some of the questions. Go quickly through the questions making brief notes, and your submission will come together quickly in your mind.

3. There are no wrong answers
Make sure you answer as many questions as possible even briefly and include media releases or marketing material (brochures, flyers, etc) as they give further information.

4. Stand out from the crowd
Persuade and convince  the judging panel that your business is worth remembering. Show what others appreciate about you by adding Customer feedback, Media articles, Events pictures… Make it memorable!

5. Say it with flowers
…or better said graphs/diagrams/charts or illustrations/pictures. Making your submission less text-heavy, will also contribute to its readability and it being easier to comprehend

We are here to help you. So ring us at the Belmont BEC office on 9479 3777 if you are not sure about the content of your submission or book for a FREE Award session next Wednesday

Many local & WA businesses have gone onto win state and national awards with great media coverage from participating in the Belmont Small Business Awards and we wish you every success with your awards entry & future business growth.

Good Luck,