BEC Members Gain Advice from the Experts: FREE Legal Advice

Belmont BEC One Stop Shop offer members FREE Legal Advice on:
Commercial Leases, Contracts, Debt Collections, Partnerships, Agreements, Terms & Conditions, Credit Applications, Bad Debts, Disputes etc.

This service is additional to the Belmont BEC One Stop Shop Low Cost Advisory Service Additional professional services are available business and marketing specialists

To be approved an initial 30 minutes of Legal Advice please contact us at:
Belmont BEC
Send us an Email
Phone: +61 8 9479 3777
3/216 Belmont Ave,Cloverdale WA 6105, Australia

*Small businesses need to be pre-approved by Belmont BEC for the business topic/issue you wish to discuss with the Lawyer and have no more than 20 employees .