Are you an Accredited Business Facilitator / Counsellor?

When a business or enterprise owner or manager has a problem or an issue to deal with he or she needs to be able to quickly access supporting professionals.
Enterprise facilitators, as they are known, can assist managers and business owners:

  • identify all the issues impacting on the business
  • determine possible solutions and directions
  • plan actions and make decisions
  • obtain access to a wide variety of business resources, networks, information and training.

How can a business owner or manager be confident that the person who knocks on the door offering to provide assistance with their business – has this experience, knowledge and integrity?

The Australasian Institute of Enterprise Facilitators (AIEF) was formed in 1995 to establish a professional and thorough system of accrediting business facilitators. The goal is to give enterprise owners and managers confidence that the person offering them guidance has the skills and experience they require.
In order to become a member of the AIEF (an MIEF) a person goes through a rigorous accreditation process.
This validation of the skill and experience of an enterprise facilitator provides the trust and confidence required by the business manager or owner. Whether it is a concern about business start-up or growth, a marketing issue, an HR issue or a financial matter, a Member of the Australasian Institute of Enterprise Facilitators (an MIEF) can provide effective guidance.

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