Belmont BEC Low Cost Mentoring Services

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  • Mentoring for new business: advisory service meetings and networking opportunities for new small businesses
  • Planning: diagnostic assessment of small businesses followed by better business planning advice. Assistance with networking opportunitieswriting better business plansassessing and improving supply-chain management, e-commerce take-up, information technology and broadband, succession planning and creating security for the business over leased premises or intellectual property
  • Loans and banking products: independent information and guidance on banking and finance products for small and micro-businesses
  • Marketing: preparation of simple marketing plans for small businesses on promotional opportunities & advertising options in their local area
  • Legal and accounting services: assistance to new small businesses (up to 2 years) to access legal and accounting advice and for established home-based/micro businesses to obtain advice on issues such as Retail Tenancy, Intellectual Property, Credit Management.
  • Leasing guidance: information and guidance on leasing terms and conditions during negotiations with prospective landlords
  • Government regulation: advice to businesses on regulatory compliance at all tiers of government
  • Staff training programs: develop and deliver training programs for small businesses
  • Women: will ensure programs cater for the needs of this client group
  • National referrals: refer clients intrastate or interstate to the most appropriate BEC for assistance and/or refer clients for industry specific assistance to another BEC who has specific expertise in that industry

For more information please contact [email protected] Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc. – Phone: +61 8 9479 3777 Mobile: +61433 349 521