There are over 2.3 million small businesses active in Australia, according to the 2019 ABS. Small businesses hire more people than any other employer type, and SME’s are the engine of the economy. Australia has one of the highest rates of entrepreneurial activity in the world.

You probably know someone (perhaps even yourself) who runs a small business, and you almost certainly know someone who works for one. People just like them are working every day to serve their communities, create change and drive innovation all across the nation.

Small business owners are sometimes faced with circumstances beyond their knowledge – where do they go?  Seeking and securing business advice can be expensive, time-consuming and ultimately needs to provide practical solutions.  Finding a free or cost-effective, and time-appreciative, source of small business help can be very difficult. Government funded support is limited and rarely provides true one-on-one assistance.

Many small businesses will not stay that way forever, and the Australian economy needs to compete in the increasingly globalised international market. They also push their larger competitors to innovate and improve.

Through our Belmont BEC Online Auction we are fund-raising to continue providing essential services to meet the needs of small business owners in Western Australia.


Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc. (Belmont BEC) Not for Profit has been supporting small businesses for over 29 years, helping them to start, grow, and develop. Through its range of programs and services, Belmont BEC has assisted over 33,000 intenders, start-ups, and small businesses both locally, nationally and globally.

Services include online training, mentoring, business planning, product development, supply chains, marketing and professional referrals. We have also developed a global network of trade organisations, industry associations, trade events, and SMEs through BEC Global, which specialises in global supply chain networks and international trade opportunities for small businesses.


Belmont BEC’s dedication to supporting small businesses has earned numerous awards and accolades over the years.

As a non-profit community-based association, Belmont BEC is committed to helping small businesses thrive and succeed, both locally and globally.

A range of programs and services, combined with expertise in global supply chain networks and international trade opportunities, make Belmont BEC a valuable resource for small businesses looking to start, grow and develop.

Over the years, the Belmont BEC has originated a large range of well-known projects and programs to address the needs of, and benefit, its small business clients and some of these include:

  • Youth Enterprise,
  • Natural Disaster Assistance,
  • Innovation Festivals,
  • Women in Business Support;
  • Disability Employment,
  • Migrant Small Business Services,
  • ‘Ask an Expert’ Business Sundowners,
  • Belmont & WA Small Business Awards;
  • Textile, Clothing & Footwear Resource Centre of WA
  • MY Business Incubator Training / Mentoring Projects,
  • WA Racing Industry Business Development,
  • Small Business Conferences plus many more over past 30 years.

Belmont BEC provides online training ‘virtually’ and delivers support via one-on-one, phone assistance, email and mentoring through web meetings and group training webinars.  All services are provided by accredited business advisors and specialist industry professionals.

For full details of how your business can donate your products or services,
and benefit from ongoing promotions, visit www.becauction/donate