Awards Winners & Finalists 2015


Photographer –  LEON TANG The FotoFactory Ownership of Copyright

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Finalist – 24/7 Power Fitness Airport-7715a


Finalist-Absolutely Reliable House Sitters-7719a


Finalist- Access 1 Security Systems-7720a


Finalist_Accesso Ride-7714a


Finalist-All Season Seafood-7721a


Finalist-Arcaro Couture-7712a


Finalist – AusMon Consulting-7717a


Finalist-Design Better Buildings-7722a


Finalist-Bindi Bindi Dreaming-7723a


Finalist- Carina Hoang Communications-7732a


Finalist-CM Strategic Consulting-7726a


Finalist-Complete Property Management-7727a






Finalist-Desert Gem-7725a




Finalist-Dramatic Glass Designs-7718a


Finalist-eb consultants-7731a


Finalist-ECHO Community Services-7733a


Finalist-DNX Energy-7735a


Finalist- Express Link Global-7736a


Finalist-Film My Video-7737a


Finalist-Uniting Care West-7738a


Finalist-Harmonic New Media-7739a


Finalist-helloworld Belmont Shopping Centre WA-7740a


Finalist-Human Risk Management Group-7741a


Finalist-Ian Diffen City Discount Tyres-7744a


Finalist-IN Balance-7742a


Finalist-Integrative Business Solutions-7743a


Finalist-Jade Lewis & Friends Inc.- 7774a


Finalist-Inspirational Hope-7745a


Finalist-Lee Waughan accepting on behalf of Keith Glance-7746a


 Finalist-London Painting Services-7716a


Finalist-Mini Care Mates-7747a


Finalist-My Great Idea-7748a




Finalist-Pierrot's Hair Studios-7750a


Finalist-Kart Koort Wiern-7752a


Finalist-Outback Initiatives-7753a


Finalist-Central Caravan Park-7754a


Finalist-R Moore & Sons-7757a



Finalist-Scales Plus-7769a


Finalist-Shingle Inn-7759a


Finalist-Shop & Style Specialists-7762a


Finalist-WA Treeworks-7713a






Finalist – Spirit of the Streets Choir Inc.-7755a


Finalist – Storage King -7758a


Finalist-Technology Assisting Disability WA-7765a


Finalist-The Green Stamp Program-7766a


Finalist-Volunteer Task Force-7771a


Finalist-West Coast Water Filter Man-7772a


Finalist-Westsun Solar Pty Ltd-7776a